Thursday, 5 January 2017

Awkward moment

Why do i really feel so awkward to say out,I love you ,is this word really hard to spell out?

when my other significant could  say so freely with this three little words packed with tons of meaning,words which shows a sense of happiness beyond compare,i felt i was the wrong person to hear such thing for the first time may be.whatsoever,i can say frankly here,it flattered my heart.

Though four letter words, make us gush with happiness,i feel so much of the confusion about saying i love you,i feel it comes from the fact that love has many different definitions,For some,love is feeling especially close to another person,for others i love you is tantamount to asking,will you marry me?

But what does the confession i love you to me mean?Am i so negative to perceive that my other significant is with the flattery words which has nothing to do with me.Or Do this mean that i ain't ready to hear it,even the sweetest and most promising relationship could nosedive into an awkward tailspin

whatsoever,i feel so awkward to say out loud what you would expect me to say.perhaps  my problematic aspect of saying "i love you " would be i m very uncomfortable with it,may be i grew up without hearing my parents say those three special words to each other and which made me feel uncomfortable saying to it

no matter what,as i already promised you,i will take time to decide when i  am ready to say i love you and which must prove the worth the wait.After all,nothing is more meaningful than knowing that you love me and i love you in return ,if am not mistaken.

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