Sunday, 2 June 2013

Death of My Mother Shaken My Life

Life is fragile and uncertain.

Snatch from it all you can. Love what you’ve got. For once it begins to end, the greens in our fridge will rot less quickly than we do.

I know because it’s just happened to my mom when i was very young.

All too suddenly, I grew up. The sickness and death of my grandmother, followed one year later by the sickness and death of my mother.I was emotionally weak, adrift in the lost lives of loved ones , and my own shattered identity.i felt like i could turn back the clock when i was with my mom happily sitted and having snacks(KHAB-ZEY) at times of her death.
 Slowly, a new self emerged, one that felt and claimed the status of grown-up in the absence of her.Having to experience my mother's death at a very young age, I began to feel I was living on borrowed time. Days, then years, arrived as a gift, unearned, which I received with both gladness and a degree of guilt.The awareness of how vulnerable every life is, how uncertain its duration,death rooted deep in me,and felt like the beginning of maturity.
For a while, that knowledge seemed to separate me from many friends of my age because of having to experience such a great loss of loved ones at the very young age.
What I have learned from my own experience is that a single death can transform our life, especially if the death is that of our mother or father and it doesn't matter whether parent was beloved or resented, whether the relationship was close or distant, warm or cold. It doesn't even matter how old we are, or how old our parent was at the time of death.

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