Monday, 20 October 2014

dancing in the illusion of the world

Recently,I heard so many people talking about real life,but what is real life and how do we know that its real.think back to your past and the things you have done,are any of those things out of character and not the sort of things you copuld ever imagine yourself doing?what iof your past was just implanted memories,how would you ever know if you had really done those things or not?do I really believe any of that is true?not reallt.but you never know!may be youe whole life is purely illusion yet enjoying as if its permanent..

life ends in death, facts of life
But nothing less or more we are powerless to picture
that our own life will come to an end.
This is very much true of many young as well as adults
who live in benign and prosperous places
where death is typically hidden from sight.
young as well as adults are often filled
with ambitions and open-minded ideas,
and they think of life as an open skyline,
while death seems like it is distant,
lost in the hazes of a distant time and illusion of the world.
none are mindful of death, everyone are in harmony swimming in the ocean of illusion, yet enjoying the fresh and clean life which would turn into disguised situation when time passes by,despite nobody is mindful of it.
to my recent happenings,never did I knew that are adults too are addicted and enjoying in the ocean of illusion,I came to realize, nothing more or less,there aint any reason to feel bad to the one who is in the bad situation with seriously illed-medical problem, nobody knows the fact,that everyone,either young or old,have to follow the same path,but adults do lack in such is circle,everyone are interdepended to eachother,we can not guarantee that we might not lend help from the one who lend help from us,that’s the wrong notion ,I wud say it.It is true that, in the due course of life, many of them will receive rewards
which seem to justify their early optimism.
But as the seconds to minutes tricks by,minutes to hours,hours to days,days to months passed by,months to years, continue to pass,
every one will  learn a truth of life, that their existence is almost at an end
even though they were only recently young.
so,it’s the fact that  many will have begun to suffer a breakdown in body and mind. one will have more trouble trying to keep path of their sequence of thought;
where fastness in walking would sooner  be slower and more tiresome one,
moreover, visiting  to doctors destination and funerals would become the stuff of the lives.but in times none realize what is the fact of life,cuz everyone lost in the illusion of the world and none wants to know the truth of the life.And they will understand in a deep way that time would stop by when their breath and heartbeat will stop,their vague self will disappear, and the same Mother Nature that moves the earth will divide their remnants, as dust returns
to dust, life consumes life.
finds its end in the nothingness of death

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