Monday, 26 June 2017

Ignorance:Social networks

What i observed so far in me!!!
It was right after dinner,i was so much engaged with phone,so much busy,i didn't bother to spare a minute to chat face to face,much busy to check instagram feeds,very much busy with smart phone,i didnt know why i was so busy,when i realised what i was doing,the phone wasnt used for texting,neither a call to anyone nor chat with anyone,but i was so much engrossed to check on what orher people were doing in their social media which actually a waste of million seconds of life.

In this digital age,i felt that everyone has a huge urge to keep up with other people or need to feel flattered through the affirmation of the virtual likes and compliments from other people,no more the age with toothy grin chit chat to be expected at this generation.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

adversities before travelling

One’s meat is another man’s poison, what works for someone might not work for you and the worst thing is comparing one’s journey to someone’s else journey through the wild world of different windows, it’s totally different, different lens and way of perceiving the things differs. Just focus on you and do it as it is supposed to be.That’s how i was inspired to travel some European countries which were placed in my bucketlist luckily.
It was  actually planned for three weeks and yet the planning part beforehand was kinda sting in the tail experiences for me. wakeful night plan coincided with term examinations albeit tensions during exam time, Famished stomach starved for the food while walking on scorching sun, yearning for the schegen visa,you would never believe how the temperature was in Cyprus at that time, missed buses, missed so many classes yet the keen to travel wasn;t diminished fortunately besides so many problems and complexities during the process

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Grass is always greener on the other side

we always find others life is perfect and happy as full moon on the wide large serene blue sky, but it is only the way how we make it or choose see it,as said, the grass is always greener on other side yet we failed to notice the greenest on our side, the only thing is we never bother to water grass on our side, because the grass is greenest only when it is being watered. Wayfaring in the direction that our passion wants to go seals us with meaning but trying to Walk on others direction contradicts the keen interest one has for ,cuz it never going to match our fashion of life in a way it has to be though it seems to be perfect on their way, The most of the time our purposes of harmony, support, involvement, and admiration for Life take us unerringly towards people, Life, health, fulfillment instead of satisfaction, and joy instead of happiness,that’s why we always see happiness on other shore
we only have our own.  But that is the pivotal spot.  If we can accept reality for what it is, we have the chance to develop it, to improve it, and to grow it. 

A lot of elements in it are perfect, but life is also real, and by no means tranquil. Daily challenges and trials of the body and mind creep into our life just like in any other. But we must make the most out of our life, who knows if we'll be here again. When sadness and hardship come our way at least we should not forget to acknowledge it, taking a little time to process it, try to master it but should not facade it, hide it, or ignore it. Life is about spending time with the people we love, and being sound healthy, living wisely.

Being an origin from Buddhist country, we believe in karma, create our own destiny, therefor I am grateful for the life I lead, and in my eyes the people in it make it perfect. Keeping the health and harmony takes hard work and I would love to use this platform to share ideas, motivation, and smiles. moments of my life,kinda diary from the heart turned into words just for the sake of recording every kind of things I am generally passionate about. Its neither a post to demean every one, its solely about my  moments of life,not real facts yet you can use it just for the sake of the time passing, it would neither help you nor motivate you but its a writing  for the sake of my own recreational being.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

kindness is free

been exactly a month seldomly did i blogpost.
its just a piece of writing today which provoke on something i should write here out of no where,felt like i should jot it here to keep the spirit of blog alive.

Live your life your way your style not copied version of someone else.
It doesn't count what kind of life we lived but counts the most in how we lived the life. This human form of life is much prized and highly gifted we own as an expensive gift ever .Everyone says that we live once and life is to enjoy this remarkable expensive gift, some says that its just to live it while others claim for the endeavoring one’s happiness. The view of life differs from one head  to another depending on the way we perceive the things we are surrounded with and the way we are brought up with.
For me, I count my way of life on helping others whole-heartedly and not for the sake of helping, help is free, that's why I yearn to live on kindness. One of the great masters Dalai Lama clearly mentioned that :"Our main motive in life is to help others and if you can't help them , at least don't harm them."
In one way or another human life is very much daintily beautiful yet we are never satisfied with what we are, we harm others for our needs and wants, Albeit we are wise,intelligent and think great we do not feel much, deviating ourselves from the main single-mindedness of  life.

Anyway,this all i have got to say for today
let me take a minute moment of yours, to acknowledge you for being my BLOG readers one day,one night,one morning, one afternoon,one minute or one second  albeit its for sure there aint any moment to meet face to face in this life,I assume that we are meeting at all times in this blog if I am not mistaken, this way it makes  me happy atleast. Thank you and kadrinchoe. Keep visiting. Take care and be mindful of every moment of life, every moment of life is attired in uncertainty, so live as if you were to die tomorrow, be good, do good ,feel good and hope good. OPTIIMISTISM every day. May Buddha bless you . My sycophantic prayers are, with you, today, tomorrow, always, for time without end. Warm-hearted regards from me. Proceeds every moment with care

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