Saturday, 2 November 2013

FRUSTRATING BLAME.............?????????

It is easy for us to blame other people for the mistakes that we have made in our lives. It is very easy to blame. To quote: ‘A poor workman always blames his tools’.

Life is what we make out of it and not what others create for us. Our fate/destiny is in our own hands, and we can determine how far we can excel or fall in life. Every negative situation can be turned into something positive depending on how we handle it, but blaming others for our own fault is nt a concrete conclusion in life.

So, do you blame your lecturers for your failure in examination? Because they made you to fail. If so, will blaming them change things? Will it help the situation?
 We often end up blaming others, as it is easier than actually taking action and taking responsibility ourselves. To share, small incident of mine, somebody has blamed me for the failure in one of the core subject.
So am here to say that if you find yourself pointing the blame finger at someone else, ask yourself what you can do to resolve the situation and take action instead of blaming.

Remember, when you point the blame finger at someone else, you are also pointing three fingers backwards towards yourself.
If something is not working in life, instead of blaming others, look at what action should be taken to resolve the situation and take responsibility. Blaming others for your own mistakes isn’t a solution.

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