Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tutor Of Success Is Failures’

Failures, of course, can be depressing and disheartening. When honest hard work ends in failure, it is difficult to keep one's spirit. The therapy against this is a strong spirit, a fervent will. To quote: “failures are the pillars of success”; it means success comes through failures. A person who only fails is the one who tries very hard but ends up in failure. One should not be disheartened cox everything happens for reason. Life ain’t about always being at the top, one should be experienced receiving hard hits and one must not disappoint to try harder.
A man learns by trial and error. After learning the useful lessons of the first flaws and modifying those flaws, it can be made the stepping-stone to success. Failures are kinda experience which will help and guide us in our second attempt. Implementing those experiences, we will grow wiser, feel surer, and achieving success is not really a big deal.
 The greatest lesson I have gained through my failure was to make failures the pillars of success, it is best to be learnt of the causes of failures. Failures’ overtake us because we think that success is easy. We outsmart ourselves and fail. On the other hand, many fail because of being too nervous. There is no imperfection in success save from failures.
Now I am very much sure failures must be a challenge to us to do our best, to try our utmost. We must face failures with this firm resolution to overcome them.
a).We must try again and again.
b) We must have courage. We must have the determination to notch victory.
c) We must be optimists and must have confidence, that in spite of failures, we will succeed.
d).we must not worry and dishearten ourselves, worrying over failures is not a solution for success
One must keep in mind that there is bravery even in failure if it comes after a sincere struggle. Shakespeare said:” It is better to have fought and lost, than never to have fought at all”. We must be able to look back on our failures; with superiority for they are holding verification to the bravery within us provided that we feel we have tried our best and have not spared ourselves in our hard work and hardships that we have owned

The only thing I could share is one must meet the challenge of life with unfailing boldness that knows no hopelessness and secure one’s courage to the charming goal and there will be probability for success

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