Tuesday, 7 March 2017

ubiquitous mind

The hardest thing in the world is understand so called mind.

Recently i have been wondering
,sophisticated and very complicated yet hindering
still wonders, why?
if one wouldn't vociferate about it for mind being very flexible which happen to be like some flirty man you have no idea about flatters you.

the mind says,I am not the type of the person who believes in fate,bit skeptic,a realist.It says not the type of lady who believes in love songs or soul mates,It was all cux of this sophisticated mind which drag everything to any kind of thoughts.

sometimes,it really takes billion hours to analyse what the mind really mind,sometimes,it feels like nothing better than a good book on a rainy day,sometimes spending whole day and night  inside room watching movies,that being said,never been the type who fantasize about a relationship like the one in The NOTEBOOK
Its being where mind wants to be when it want to be,just living the way how it feels, not having a goal to accomplish on or plans to work on .

Thursday, 12 January 2017

The other side of me

To the other side of me,this ain't race,there ain't rule and permissions,just go and move at your pace as there isn't any special point or certain things to achieved for and work for if  heart is not ready yet.
This is you and you are you,not someone else shadow.Its non of your business to lick their plate,they are on their race.they are doing fine and you should be the one of your own copy

you aren't like them and you needn't have to be either.your share of rice will be yours and it will remain as yours,

No matter how strong and courageous you might be,how large the family tree you might have,still it stands out very complicated and complex,yet you neither relate to non of them,cux you are confused with the whom you belong to and who belong to yours,At the end of the day,you stands out yourself and you become your own motivator,you are your own supporter,you remain alone.
when every one has someone to depend on,you posses you and you are your own self.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Indeed Great knowledge

1. Believing that life is meaningless doing impossible things.

2.Saving only to discover that we have no more energy to enjoy life and ending up dying of boredom after few years.

3.Working hard to be financially successful rather than  seeking inner peace.

4.Making fun of those who are on seeking happiness instead of materialistic calling them "beggers"

5.Ridiculing everybody who tries to be different

6.believing  everything that is black on white

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Awkward moment

Why do i really feel so awkward to say out,I love you ,is this word really hard to spell out?

when my other significant could  say so freely with this three little words packed with tons of meaning,words which shows a sense of happiness beyond compare,i felt i was the wrong person to hear such thing for the first time may be.whatsoever,i can say frankly here,it flattered my heart.

Though four letter words, make us gush with happiness,i feel so much of the confusion about saying i love you,i feel it comes from the fact that love has many different definitions,For some,love is feeling especially close to another person,for others i love you is tantamount to asking,will you marry me?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Yes or NO

you were hungry, and some1 gave u something to eat; you were thirsty, and some1 gave u drinks,u would judge dat kinda person very sympathetic and compassionate,

you saw a guy with cocky character,you would judge him as a womanizer,who knws he might be the most faithful man on this earth,