Tuesday, 15 November 2016

To the precious person in the world-Father

Dear apa,

I love you.

it was just a month passed, i departed from you,stayed with you for whole three weeks.we chatted less,discussed more.I always won an arguments with you,i always made my points against you,i always thought your ways of thinking and doing things were different.i shared you millions stories regarding my studies,my course,friends,world and social networks such as wechat ,facebooks yet i have never spared few moments to listen your stories,your work,your friends and your world.Thanks a lot for lending your ears to my boring stories.you have known when to offer me advice and when simply to wipe my tears.
Now,when i am miles away from you,i am missing you.i missed talking to you freely,sitting in front of you like a crazy little baby and talking like a parrot..

there aint a single moment of my life,where it doesnt remind me about you.what i am today is all because of you.whatever the success or any profession i lead today,i know i never fail to thank you,i know somewhere in my heart ,it tells me its cause of only father.

I dont chat with you frequently,but there isn't a single day where i haven't thought of you.you are always in my cupid heart.I think i have made you sad many times,i havent met your expectations many times but you were still there with me,in my hardest time,whenever i felt weak,hopless about life,i know you were holding my hand and encouraging me to be strong.

Thanks a ton for being there wherever i need you.It was your trust and faith in me that has made me to reach the heights of career.thanks  for mending me who  i am today,it wouldn't be possible without you for providing me everything i have ever demanded for .your unconditional support has supported me in knowing who i am . Loving encouragement from you has been the wind beneath my wings. 

i missed you more today.stay safe and take care.Once again ,thank you dad for being you.you are father to a daughter like me but also you are a human being,on your own journey of life,learning your own lessons.Even you haven't done anything that the world expects from you,you have been placed in my heart as the perfect father.

your loving daughter

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