Sunday, 4 May 2014

what makes us unhappy????

What is the difference between happy and miserable? I have been always wondering that will there be something that unhappy people can do to be better-off? I believe there is.
Let me narrate you a story to illustrate this observation.
A long time ago in a distant village lived a man, who was very egoistic and where everyone avoided him. He was the kind of person who believed that there was only one who is better off in anythg he does.futhermore, he was never contented with anything. His clothes never felt comfortable. His shoes never fit his feet. He complains a lot in whatever things he does. He complains a lot about food. Even if food is special, he would have something to complain about. Nonetheless, nothing satisfies his mind.
Briefly speaking, he has a sense of ordering, criticizing, and dissatisfies about the deeds of everyone in the world.
Unluckily, the man got married, which matters became very worse. No matter whatever his wife did, in his eyes it turns everything to be wrong. Whatever his wife did to him,it was never satisfactory and he proved her always wrong, Because he lack in acceptance, gratefulness to others. She tried her best to be a good wife, but it seemed to be in vain, the less she pleased him. Finally, one morning she confessed to him.
“let’s exchanged our work program ,” she told him. “From today, I will do your chores and you will do mine.”
“But you cannot do my chores,” the man replied. “You don’t know first thing about ploughing, irrigating.”But the woman has fervent determination to do whatever work assigned to her. So,she let her man to believe where he didn’t dare disagree.
So in the following day,the wife went off to the fields and the man began their exchanged chores. 
Unluckily, nothing went according to his way of thinking. Nevertheless, whatever he does, everything turned into opposite way. He broke the plates, spilled everything on the floor, burned the dinner, and at last set the house on fire, and nearly he could escape from fire.
Until wife returned from work,she observe her husband lying helplessly on thd floor ,smoke not yet stpped rising from his clothes.immediately,she helped him to get rid from evrythg .
From that dayonwards, the man stopped complaining about anyone and anything.he has started respecting for others views,opinions and deeds of others.
So to be precise, the story teaches us that those who complains about anything whoch come along their life, creates their own and others’ lives in trouble. It also teaches us that pride will neva make man successful and also teaches us not to judge others until and unless we walk in their shoes for a while.
In our story, it was the absence of absence of acceptance of others deeds. He lacks to appreciate others and he wasn’t in a position to acknowledge others contributions.
I think the world would be a happier place, less stressful, less angry, and more spiritual if we have sense of gratefulness to others and if we are avoid our egoistic behaviors to others.One of the great leaders said that, Pride destroys our happiness and sets up selfishness in its place. 
One Sunday afternoon,i asked one of my friends,sangay pem. What makes her unhappy?though I am not really a scholar in such things,i just told her that, appreciation should be present in us, we have something to rely on and think of someone who do not haf what we are possessing in times of unhappy state…
I believe that many people are unhappy because they have not learned to be thankful and appreciative. Some are in to the burden of anger. Some pass their days as though suffering a deep sadness they aren’t sure of . Others are unhappy because life didn’t turn out to the way they expected it to be.
“If only I had that much money,” some might say to themselves, “then I could be happy and go for shopping.”
“If only I were better looking would have wore that…………….”
“If only I had a new car, a college degree, a job, a wife,. or I were 12 inches taller,if I and thin,for some,if am fat……..”
If we keep on yearning for what we we don’t have,there are a thousand and one reasons for us not to be happy,unhappiness is for sure.i would simply say that, unhappiness is on the things we lack in life. The problem doesn’t solved itself if we keep om folloeing the path of what we lack in life. The only problem is, the more single-mindedness on the things we don’t have, the more unhappy and more sad we become.
Over the course of my judgments made, One thing I could share is: we cannot guess happiness by the amount of money we have, name and fame we have in life, or power we possess. The fact is that the materialistic things so valued by the world are sure birth giver of unhappiness in the world.
One thing I got to experienced that we should never became angry. Whenever anger grow in us, we should always think, it’s useless, it’s only a way to be unhappy and resentful.when life itself is unpredictable, what’s there to bury ourselves in angry nest, simple thing, better give up and be calm down..
Our minds have a wonderful capacity to notice the unusual .
To be happy one should be openhearted.
We must let go of the negative emotions, Anger, resentment, and bitterness. Nobody including me would never agree to take bathe in muddy water, so, why should we let our spirits bath with negative thoughts and feelings?
Pray with all your heart. Don’t waste another moment feeling unhappy and sad over useless things. Every day drain from your heart the feelings of resentment, rage, and defeat that do nothing but discourage and destroy state of happiness.
Don’t wait to start new day. Bring a new life with new thoughts burried of positive thinkings..:D

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