Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lesson on treating people

First paramount message: cleaning lady
During my seventh grade in choden school,in the year 2005,our enlish teacher,mam sonam choden gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had a breezed through the questions,until I read the last one:’’what is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?”
Obiviously this would be some kinda joke,i had seen her cleaning several times. She was tall, dark-haired and in her forties,but how would I know her name?i handed the paper to my mam,leaving the last question blank.just before the class comes to an end ,one of my witty friends asked mam wether the  last question would be counted towards the English continuous marks.
       ‘’absolutely’’,said by ma englsih tutor.”in your life,u will meet different kinds of people.all are significant,one should not ignore and neglect it.they deserve your attention and care,there won’t be any loss for greeting ,”kuzuzangpo,ga doe boe yoe?”(how have you been?)''

I have never forgotten that lesson,at times,I also learned her name was kezang.

Second important lesson:Give response to the one who is ineed.
One night,when I was returning from phuentsholing town towards my college,at 9.30pm,an older woman was standing on the side of the teenkilo tryng to bear heavy rainfall.she was desperately needed a ride.soaking wet,she decided to flag down the next car.
My cab driver din’t respond to that desperately awaiting woman eventhough I was alone in that cab.i requested the cab driver to stop the vehicle and reached her to her desired destiny.she seemed to be in a big hurry.Towards goenpa,she stopped the vehicle ,offered him,NU.500/- and wrote address of cab driver in a hurry and went away.
A week later I got to print my assignment,I was to visit gangotri,jaigoan  for cheaper printing rate,on the way towards jaigoan,I met the cab driver which I rode to his vehicle to other day in times of heavy rain,he recognized me and was coming forward to share his happiness of receiving nokia branded cell phone and a special note from the woman,here goes,’’thank you so much for helping me on the way of teenkilo the other night.the rain drenched not only my clothes but also my spirits.because of you I was able to  make it to my dyiing mother’s bedside just she passed away.god bless you for helping me and unselfishly helping others, your passenger”.
Third mportant lesson:to be contd.

the paradox of our time in this modern world..

The impossiblity  of our time  in this cyber age,people are achieving higher education ,more degrees but  less civic sense, great knowledge yet fail to implement, more experts ,yet more perplexities.
high scholar doctors, different kinds of medicind where one can afford to buy yet different incurable new diseases, spent more expenses on drinks and smokes, offer too less to the needy ones, read too little and pray too seldom,
multiplied possessions but got less values, talk too much, give theory too much but love too seldom and detest too often.evryone got to learn how make a living but not a life, everyone got 24 hours  a day and 365 days a year to add to life but not life to 24 hours in a day and 365 days
in a year,.
Everyone has got different ways and options to reach to moon and come back but have great trouble and difficulties to cross few meters to meet our own blood related siblings, everyone tries to conquered outer space but not inner space.
           we expect others to forgive us but we donot learn how to forgive others,others
 care and love us,yet we do not care.
We got to do great things in life but not better things. We have cleaned house to dwell in and clean water to drink and clean environment to enjoy but polluted the soul.
   We write more but learn less.
everyone learnt to rush ,yet no space to learn how to wait and have patience.in this age, everyone go for two incomes and more wages, yet more troubles of insufficiency, beautiful and fancier houses, but broken homes with fights.
in this cyber age everythg happens with a seconds ,quick trips, one night stands, overweight bodies, one can talk to faraway relative through cellphone without even bothering to travel miles to reach there, got so many pills to fall asleep and to kill..
We forget to hold hands and cherish the one who is alive yet, someday we try to remember and cherish them in their absence.
This are all absurdity of this modern world.
To quote.’’life is not measure the number of breathe you take but by the moments that take our breathe away”.

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