Saturday, 16 April 2016

A ton of thanks to the organisers

Words can hardly express the surprise, the joy and the gratitude I felt at the wonderful
and fantastic Farewell Party you organized for us on Friday,15th  April, 2016. I was
immensely surprised to see so many unexpected items in the programme---the music with
beautiful singing, accompanied by innovative games, and the surprising gifts:too numerous to account for.
The greatest surprise was the moment of vedio. I was really mesmerized how you guys managed to get it done in such a busy schedule with creation of nice vedio having a photos of every individuals
I have to say a “Thank you” to each
and everyone who contributed towards the surprising and awesome farewel party. I shall truly treasure this moment of the combined efforts of so many loving juniors who took pains to get it done
beautifully in time for the Farewell Party. I shall keep this moment to recall my sweet memory of every one of you.
You have taken time and energy to launch such a warm, loving and successful party
for us despite your busy schedule.

frankly speaking, the programme was really touching and heart-warming, and everything was lovely. I have never dreamt that the Farewell Party could have marvelous wonders,with lots of love and sacrifice behind the scene. For
this, I am very grateful!..

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