Saturday, 19 November 2016

Unfathomable distress

When i try to convince my heads of something my heart know is a lie,it lays down the great wall of infliction whether i should believe it or just ignore it,cuz in every sense,life is unfathomable and mysterious.And,if something in my mind never comes to the expectation of what i must believe it and turns out to be what i should not believe it,the real life kicks me off from the line of believing it ever again.

This is not really a one time experience i have been experiencing,its like all the time i have been undergoing the same string of life journey.It becomes real hard to cope up with my cupid heart to wrap it again with sweet and flattery words.Detection of deception is complex and sophisticated ,yet Real eyes realise real truths.
Beguilement,deceitfulness and deception has extremely levelled difficulties to lead the path of my clean life,cux it contradicts something i know to be true.The truths on life and believing an sophisticated people with counterfeit identity gives a pseudo trust.The responsible to lead the quality life depends on self where life begins.As every dog has its day,my time has not come yet,it may.every dog deserves his day,like wise,i deserve better day.

As quoted by shakespear, let Hercules himself do what he may,the cat will mew,and dog will have his,wangzom will have her own share of life to carry on besides being servant to unfathomable and deceitful natureBetter don't leave surveyed footprints if you are another dead man runing on my answerable journey with answer-less footprint,keeping an footprints of unfathomable story, walking over my smooth world having an intention to walk into another world,better leave my world without my notice.Rather leaving unfathomable lies behind every thoughts,something for which there aren't any words,better leave as it is untouched,its really complex to fathom who really you are.

Today with an independent thoughts,an ordinary girl who believed in her dream,comfortable in her imperfection.

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