Sunday, 15 February 2015


Thanks to my perfect gurus,i have reached to this stage of realization.

kyabje dilgo khyentse
70th Je-khenpo,truelku Jigme choedra

H.H Dodrupchen Rinpoche
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

dzogchen guru khyentse ozer
At the beginning  evrythg seems the best and the most peaceful and delightful.
but in the end,it is no more than being in  a devil's prison.

companion and love
at first,the sweet smiles,a man/women from heaven.
 like a smiling angel
in the later stage,one turns out with fierce and exasperated character .
but in the end,one's the greatest enemy .
which compels one to feel  just like a passer-by in the Jaigoan market.
meeting with them is temporary,wen the good fortune comes to an end,separation is forever,
like a son and mother who love and care each other
when discord arise,they fought and quarrel and lead a life like a foe.
so in one way it has got no meaning on companion

wealth are the stuffs one love to hold.
at the first, weaith seems to be wish fulfilling gem..
when time passes by,one cannot handle life without it.
in the end,one feels a penniless beggar.wen one reaches to graveyard,
one's empty hand can take nthg with oneslef

pride,ego and arrogance are the factors one love to follow in this young age.
none think of old stage
its for sure,it approaches slow like a seed growing underground.

 when one involved in worldly things,
one’s mind towards the thought of death approach diminishes.
but it comes out with a sudden force.
Virus in a document fly in single file,likewise,
life,death and intermediate state are three visitors follow one another without any hesitation.
One has to be mindful, this human body is like a bag full of filth and dirt.
never be proud of the beauty and strength of one's body .
don't you think one’s body is an ungrateful creditor,what ever good one does
it always plants the seed of sin and pain.

yesterday, had enough and more,
but today all gone and nthg is left.
last year one was alive and this year one dies.
Even a seconds of life,one cannot predict what might be present in it.
so,one has to be mindful in speech one speak..
being silent would serve better than having a conversation speaking harsh words and gossips.
gossip about others and their manner.
is what one is interested with.
but one must question oneself,are we so gentle when one has conversation full of  gossip?
 One’s created sin hurt no one but oneself
among the million heads,one value the most one's own share.

life is moving with world like a flowing river of Torsa .
Unceasing life of future lives in samsara.
why not ,prepare a boat for the crossing?
One must prepare it and if one crossed it.
One would be happy having to realize that evrythg is bounded with illusion
Life wears out by days and years
Yet in pursing pleasures,spent their life,preparing for living.
After preparation of living is done,they ended up in the graveyard.

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