Wednesday, 14 June 2017

kindness is free

been exactly a month seldomly did i blogpost.
its just a piece of writing today which provoke on something i should write here out of no where,felt like i should jot it here to keep the spirit of blog alive.

Live your life your way your style not copied version of someone else.
It doesn't count what kind of life we lived but counts the most in how we lived the life. This human form of life is much prized and highly gifted we own as an expensive gift ever .Everyone says that we live once and life is to enjoy this remarkable expensive gift, some says that its just to live it while others claim for the endeavoring one’s happiness. The view of life differs from one head  to another depending on the way we perceive the things we are surrounded with and the way we are brought up with.
For me, I count my way of life on helping others whole-heartedly and not for the sake of helping, help is free, that's why I yearn to live on kindness. One of the great masters Dalai Lama clearly mentioned that :"Our main motive in life is to help others and if you can't help them , at least don't harm them."
In one way or another human life is very much daintily beautiful yet we are never satisfied with what we are, we harm others for our needs and wants, Albeit we are wise,intelligent and think great we do not feel much, deviating ourselves from the main single-mindedness of  life.

Anyway,this all i have got to say for today
let me take a minute moment of yours, to acknowledge you for being my BLOG readers one day,one night,one morning, one afternoon,one minute or one second  albeit its for sure there aint any moment to meet face to face in this life,I assume that we are meeting at all times in this blog if I am not mistaken, this way it makes  me happy atleast. Thank you and kadrinchoe. Keep visiting. Take care and be mindful of every moment of life, every moment of life is attired in uncertainty, so live as if you were to die tomorrow, be good, do good ,feel good and hope good. OPTIIMISTISM every day. May Buddha bless you . My sycophantic prayers are, with you, today, tomorrow, always, for time without end. Warm-hearted regards from me. Proceeds every moment with care

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