Thursday, 3 April 2014

Things of what I’ve realized to be true in my perspectives.

First and foremost questioning i would like to ask to my readers,
Is body important or mind???
obviously everyone would reply that body is important because every one cares a lot especially so called BODY, giving more importance, taking bath, wearing branded clothes, applying different kinds of cosmetics, but no one dare to care about MIND, only rare ,rare of the rarest do care mind than body.
When I say such, I don’t mean not to care body. The main reasons I am going to point out is that, body will return to space.
Life is impermanent
Nothing lasts forever, so snatch everything when you can.enjoy your life the way you want to. Don’t enjoy your living in someone’s shoe
Judging things in others having not yet accepted your own faults.
The personalities we detest in others are the qualities present in ourselves. This is something most of us can't even hold and we get exasperated when we hear such things, especially when we are thinking so highly of ourselves and we know for sure that we are perfect and others are not.

We  do not haf rights to compel anyone to Love us
Love approaches because it wants to, not because we want to let it to be with us. i didn't for vote for who my parents would be,likewise,Our family, friends, teachers, they all love us because they choose to, not because we want them to. Love is meant to be felt from heart, lived and not to be forced on anyone. We can’t force anyone to love us, forcing others to love us would lead to misery,willingness is must from wholeheartedly and for the sake of loving.At last, it would turn to heartbreaking..

How People Treat Us Is Their Fate, How We React to that is our fate.
When we are happy with our own life, we act in kind, happy and loving ways toward everyone around us,and environment itself becomes pure,but what say on sad mood...different case.

What we think, become reality
Where we are right now are what we become cux of the thoughts that cling to our mind alys, and our life perceived the way we think over and over, again and again. If our thoughts were optimistic, our actions will be a reflection of optimistic thoughts and beliefs we have. Most of what we perceive is only what we think about what we perceive.
We Cannot Control Others’ Behaviors and their life, and it’s rude too trying change in others.
We cannot bring changes in others. We Only Think we can but the foremost thing is, we need to keep in mind that trying to change others will never change, it would be lead into vain, at the same time increases hatred. For example, trying hard to bring changes to your siblings, beating them mercilessly to change their bad habits, instead of changes to take place, they would wait for chance to revenge..
So, the only thing we can control is our own attitude towards them and their behavior. Try not to change others, change in self before pointing one blaming finger on others.
What makes food to be tasty???its mind that makes food tasty or not. If there is sthg to fill up empty stomach, its more than enough. Having food with value and having food for taste, is totally different case.we complain a lot,but we never think about who dies of it good to complain esp. fooding????

life is simple, so, keep it simple …what’s there to make it so complicated.
        Live your life, the way you want to, not the way other want you to live your life their way. what’s the special in some1 to follow their way of living. Just because others are eating food on a beautiful plate, it doesn’t mean that it is must to eat food on same kind of beautiful plate. Give a thought, does it give happiness to you and at same time, to happiness to others..
Just because others are doing such thing, it’s not mandatory one should be following.

Branded clothes,branded cars,branded watches..branded things..
Having to wear branded clothes, do we get extra protection??
Do we need branded cars to be driven??i don’t need cars but…lets remove “but” and say NO.value things,not the branded…

Self. Self…self….everywhere filled with self-fishiness..

People always think about their own comfort zone, they least bother, how others would be felt.

mindfulness in misuse of Money
You may wonder what does this mean. When i buy things,whatcomes in my mind is that do I really need the item.what's the use of buying unnecessary things which would bring happiness fr short duration.

This are the things I caught few months back. This is just a knowledge or let’s say things of what I’ve realized to be true in my perspectives. What is true in other world may not be true for me and what is true for me may not true for others.this ain’t a rule to lead a life but I take it kinda set true realization life ,to be clear,not to all..

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