Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Untangled tight knot of life

The tears just fell,the melody kept playing and sleep simply slept.the sun saw the dawn and the darkness tapped around. The rain got wet.and a sound heard a song.life seemed an endless road with sharp curves ahead,tried facing the storm with smile,tries flying with broken wings,tried enjoying life knowing death and love knowing nothing,lost own share of faith and skepticism.closing eyes and kneeling down to pray hadn't eluded either. The stark reality of life had been Savior and executor though. It was told by someone, never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple.

At the end,the only dream worth having is to dream one will live while   one is alive and die only when one is dead.situtaions knots it off, had to die while living.every dream crushed, every trust broken,had lead to other Bank of society,alone and hurting.but then there is mouths to be fed,bills to be paid and above all,lives to be lived though lost the count of the time. Spring brings no joy neither see an optimism In falling leaves of autumn.

It isn't simple to explain the irony life yet no complaints of this path and place it has taken to.the path is still straight yet filled with rocks and gravels,commitment and confusion society and rumors.society always have the upper hand in shaping the drama of others life.

life story

Pins and needles ran up the back of her neck and a lump in her throat threatenned to chokle her.panic and fear took over.from the usual time...