Thursday, 29 January 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I do not know how far my blog has inspired you in your real life ..any way thanks a ton Jigme Zangpo for  nominating me for the very blogger inspiring award.
To begin with my seven facts about myself,
1.I am straight forward but secretive, very stubborn when I have concrete truths to contest. Due to my stubbornness, cannot budge for anything in the world.
2. .i am very particular with words and time which makes me very impatient, I can’t consider a minute aspects of matter if someone delays by a single minute with what they are supposed to do.
3.i am very short-tempered but I am sorting it out.i am not good at lying, so I do not like to bring out happiness by lying, even though I am in bad situation,I donot prefer to lie. the easiest task in this world is to effort needed ,speaking the truth as simple as that.
4. i am independent, like to lead my life my own fashion in a simple way. I don’t have any excitement into others’ lives.
5.when it comes to friendship, I don’t have any boundary to be friend.i usually look out my friends with caring and generosity, and encourage them with my natural optimism.once friend,is life time friend for me.
6.i am very much keen and active to start with new things but I have bad habit of leaving things in the mid-way, which depicts that I am not  interested to hold any stuff for longer duration.

7.,I donot talk much but am good listner ,most of my time is spent in the silent room,reading books based on true stories,writing something, watching movies..
anyway,the stated points are the seven facts about myself . 
Following bloggers are my nominees for the very inspring blogger award....
2Ugyen T Tenzin
3.Jigme Namgyel
5.Langa Tenzin
6.Sangay Cholden
8.Tshering Chekii
9.Tshering Delkar
10.Tshering Yangzom
11.Pema Wangchuk
12.Namdrel Zangpo..

my dear nominees ,i would be grateful if could jot down 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15 bloggers.whereas,me i couldnot nominate more than 12 bloggers for the very inspiring blogger award


  1. Thank you very much Karma Wangzom for nominating me this Award! I appreciate it very much la! Hope to read more interesting blog posts from you! Keep writing! Take care! :)

    1. very much thanks for stopping by and yeah for your precious time la ...

    2. thanks alot for stopping by and yeah for your inspiring words la..take care ..

  2. Karma, you are well come. Keep on writing!!!


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