About Me

I’m karma wangzom and most of my friends call me wangzom.
I am from eastern side of Bhutan,Monger.
 I have goals and dreams to work towards but there are times when I just don’t feel like doing anything. I’m not even close to being perfect nor do I want to be. 

I never bother what others think about me because i feel like its non of my business to give damn shit to such stuffs.
My ton of speech may seem to be very harsh but what to do its only way how i do keep conversation alive with
 I’ve always been quite shy growing up over the years, thanks to my friends, I’ve become little bit confident but it’s definitely something I need to improve upon. I often feel awkward in social situations like when i meet face to face with my Facebook friends/wechat friends / whom i used to chat frankly through social network,to be precise it is my weakest point.,that i can not make up in reality,i mean i am very silent in a reality

I’m not afraid of failure cox our life isn't about all sunshine and rainbows.That's why failure in my life doesn’t prevent me from chasing my dreams rather makes me more inspirational about the facts of life. 

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