Saturday, 17 January 2015

I was trapped in my illusion world…….

Sun rays peeped through the windows ,it had cleared all the darkness and made heavenly place..and I was still lying on the bed..
It was 8.30am………………in the morning.Oh my God,I was getting late to my work,said to myself.
’i have to get to my work within twenty minutes and my boss would scold me to the hell if I don’t’,I thought,digging matter out of my eye, I was still tired but scared to sleep more cux I was getting late to my work place.besides,there was serious risk of losing my job.
By the way,I am sonam or monam.
there was noises in the living room as if like it was in fish market,some relatives amd my cousine were in town to attend the a family wedding which was celebrated in grant of cousins was getting married to my neighbor. Whatsoever I had to work to feed my hulk stomach, so I could not attend the doesn’t matter, all marriages are the same. More or less.
I reached the bathroom still was already occupied.the bathroom door was open.i found five of my aunties scrambling to reached the few inches of the wash_basin of my aunts,was cursing her daughter for leaving back the make-up set back at home.another aunt had lost small diamond from her gold earring.
‘it is a pure gold’, where is it?’ she scream into my face as if I have taken it.
‘has the maid stolen it?’as if maid had nothing to better do than steal one tiny diamond.wouldn’t she steal the whole set ?i thought.
‘AUNTIE,may I use the bathroom for five minutes,i need to get ready for my work place’,I said.
‘Kuzu zangpo sonam’,wo wa mo om?(woke up finally?)one of my  father’s sister said,’OFFICE?’aren’t you coming for jatso’s wedding?’
‘NO,I have to work.can I use the bathroom…..’
;Have a glance,how tall sonam has become in the absence of her mother,her mother would have been proud for her if her mother was still here on this earth’,one of my maternal aunt said,’we need to find a boy for her soon’….
Everyone burst into giggles.any way ,it was the greatest joke for the day for them.
‘Can I please………’ I said.
‘Sonam ,leave those ladies alone ‘,one of my older sister interrupted.
But I have to get ready for my workplace by any means.....i have got no leave,I already used the leave last time while going for pilgrimage with my dad.
‘you work in greener way’,right??my cousine said.
‘your work is just to collect the wastes,why do you need to dress up?’who is going to see you?’
I didn’t answer yet but I thought to myself that,the only job where we start at the top,is digging out a hole.
‘Use the kitchen sink’,one of my aunt said.
I gave them all dirty body noticed.i reached the kitchen.the floor was so cold .i felt as if I was steeped into the icy water.there aint any hot water in the kitchen,I felt as if my face was turning into ice as I washed my face ..
Winter in Thimphu is really cold.
Finally I was ready to my office,I stepped out of the door ,I realized I had forgotten to take my ID.i went back to room and couldnot find it.i tried to find  my dad instead,i screamed to my dad who was sitting peacefully in the rest room.
‘dad,by any chance have you seen my ID?’everyone ignored me.
‘Damn it, am getting late’,I said to myself.
‘oh its there under the pillow’,drag it and strung around my neck.
‘jang dey wa na’(I waved a goodbye to everyone), but no one acknowledged wasn’t surprising either.cux I was considered as black sheep of my family.
I was late to my work place by fifteen minutes.
’Having to work in a private sector,its really difficult come before time’,I thought.

Day went on with nothing went smoothly. All I can do was to blame myself for waking up late.

On the otherside of the coin,I was enjoying swimming and splashing my hand pointlessly in the giant river.I was alone in the river.salt water filled my mouth and nostrils as I heard loud beeps at a distance.

OH MY GOD,the beep at the distance was my cellphone alarm which rang  hard in my left ear and I woke up to its “WAVING FLAG” ring tone.i squinted through a half-shut eye and lifted the cell phone.
It was ‘5.30 am’,oh my god,I said and jumped out from my bed hastily.i would have loved to analyse my dream and its significance in my insignificant life but its useless..its an illusion I was hanging out and enjoying the scene of it……

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