Saturday, 17 June 2017

adversities before travelling

One’s meat is another man’s poison, what works for someone might not work for you and the worst thing is comparing one’s journey to someone’s else journey through the wild world of different windows, it’s totally different, different lens and way of perceiving the things differs. Just focus on you and do it as it is supposed to be.That’s how i was inspired to travel some European countries which were placed in my bucketlist luckily.
It was  actually planned for three weeks and yet the planning part beforehand was kinda sting in the tail experiences for me. wakeful night plan coincided with term examinations albeit tensions during exam time, Famished stomach starved for the food while walking on scorching sun, yearning for the schegen visa,you would never believe how the temperature was in Cyprus at that time, missed buses, missed so many classes yet the keen to travel wasn;t diminished fortunately besides so many problems and complexities during the process

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