Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fate Made Her To Be Sister Of My Choice

You are someone I looked up to
you were there when I needed you the most.
You were the one who taught me to be real person.
You have helped me when times were bad.
It means more than I can say
.Though we are flowers of different garden,Fate lead you to be sister of my choice
So,thats the reason I chose to call you Ana Tashi.                                                 
Even though we are living in miles apart
It's like your still here next to me.
Because I keep you in my heart.
You will be always kept in my heart for whole life of  mine.
Its simple words of your MAKER
No one can ever take your place.
I could not imagine how my life would be if you haven't picked me and if I haven’t found you.
Our relationship should not be diminish by any trial and error of life 
Always remember i care you 
And i will be there for you till the end.To hold you tightly..

My life time listener..ANA TASHI

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