Friday, 14 June 2013

Is Harsh Words Always Meant to Hurt Always ??????

Being hurt by someone we love and care the most is very excruciating and frustrating. we love and care them, we find ourselves forgiving his/her harshness the first time, perhaps the second and third time as well, before we realize we are just involved with a stoned hearted-person. However, because we strongly feel sorry for hurting ourselves, and we keep on ignoring their harshness, frankly speaking, it is not easy for any one to be patient when somebody throws evrey harsh words hitted to us for many times, even though we know that being patient is probably what is best for us.we hang on, with hope that things would change and they will never hurt us anymore but it contradicts alot
What we really need to ask ourselves when somebody throws harsh words are: Do i consider a peaceful life in which my friends hurt me and to fight back? Is being hurt by a friend our idea of love and respect for friendship? When we are emotionally involved with such happenings, it is not always easy to ask and answer such logical questions. We often smile for hurting our feelings, just for the sake of hiding how much our feelings are hurt, just to make ourself feel better about staying with them who does not truly respect us.. Of course, there are different kinds of being hurt- little ones and big ones, but when feelings are hurt it is still a hurt, no matter the size or reason for the feelings being hurt.

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