Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Life will never be same again.
Everyone suffers, yet no matter how far the dark ripples of pain might spread, suffering is always individual. We feel it inside as wound to ourselves, but becoz its invisible, we can’t show this wound to anyone else.
Suffering can be defined as the pain that makes life seem meaningless and useless. At this stage of adulthood, we tend to learn to mask our emotions and feelings. We cannot share our hardships, sadness and trouble that we face day to day life to a person whom they haven’t experienced becoz sufferings differ from individual and it will take time for them to understand our hardships,problems and troubles too.
So,at that crucial moment, When we were in a world of loneliness, when there seemed none around to pour our feelings, we tend to meet a candid person but the question here is Do we expect each person we meet to be trustworthy?
Deciding to live from a place of acceptance
and expectation of good seems to me to be "throwing our heart out in front
of us”. Few weeks before, I got experience that if we expect to get hurt, it is likely it will be so. If we expect to fail, that too, is likely. If we are negative, there will be for sure suffering. Why? Because we give everything the
meaning that it has for us. Likewise, if we let our arrogance to roam in our mind freely, it will never let us listen to what anyone else is saying. Usually it compel us to reflect what we are not the one. And let us closed so that we lose an opportunity to receive, which is indirectly indicates suffering too.
  Our world would change astonishingly if we took full responsibility for our own life. Picture a world without blame, a world of authorized people, sincerely interested in one another, responsible and accountable. Take responsibility for our
actions, opinions, feelings and plans, "I
take responsibility for everything I think, say, feel and do.” this is what world is longing for …


  1. Life is full of Ups and Downs lol mena, life is mean to be suffer lol and u had understand some part of life, keep up la

    1. kadrinchoe for going through this post.hope all is well.take care


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