Thursday, 18 February 2016

An antidote to boredom-LOVE

14 february,..unforgettable day for her,where she got harsh betrayal from her love UNEXPECTEDLY

"The days were long,long as they had nothing moved apart.this is the day where i would never never gonna recollect indeed",said Dema with her broken heart.i couldn't ask any further..

The following statements are something i got to draw from her expression
In the beginning the love has become a complete antidote to boredom for those who find life stale,uninteresting,filled with only drudgery or emptiness,or for those who feel lost with no purpose for living.Sometimes love can create excitement and meaning,sometimes falling in love is intoxicating, a welcome agitation,powerful ups and downs-as if regularly falling into hell and then rising back into heaven-make lovers feel invigorated and alive.

personal love wouldn't be so popular if it didn't have a lot going for it.But i am probably not the most qualified person to expand upon all of the joys of love n sufferings of it.

Love between two individuals gets a lot of attention.Even in Movies,plays,Novels,fairytales and advertisements,all seek to convince us that love has become the pinnacle of life.Sometimes,life without love has become as imperfect and tragic cuz love alleviate some suffering at certain level but the problem is it can not extinguish all sufering entirely.even loving someone utterly and eternity would never help in coming out from this suffering world.

Many people has become victim of love,cux of the notion that they view love as the answer to every kind of problem in life,Moreover,the thoughts of simply loving and being loved is the main thing which let every immature-minded people to fall into victim of love.

I have noticed that lot of people in love suffer precisely because they assumed that love would mean an end to suffering and would resolve everything.when things don't work out the way they assumed,they tend to feel leading the bizarre world,feel cheated and disappointing arises.

suffering ends when ignorance-based cravings end,not because i love you and you love me.

i would point out that to hope for ending the suffering with love is like starting out on the wrong foot but the problem isn't love itself,Love is just what it is,no more,no less.but misunderstanding love,demanding love to render something love can not,which let oneself into victims of unrealistic expectations.

In romantic love,lovers feel impelled to insist upon their love at frequent intervals,in this era of cell phone with different means of social network such as wechat,facebook,whatapps,gmails,youtube,etc,they may text magic words several times a day until it becomes a daily routine.Moreover,expressions of love has become subject to a certain inflammation where people promise to love forever,claim to have loved each other in many years to go ,desppite being unable to recall what has been stored in obscure forehead.

people make incredible statements,probably at times of making statement(assuming they are sincere in that particular situation,a particular,secs,minute, and hour and day) feel great love and at that moment can not imagine ever feeling other way round.But who would guarantee their own feeling to that extent,when an intensity of a feeling is not a proof of its endurance?its not worth noting that what lies behind this insistence on love would be worry,insecurity and abundance of suffering,it would be something like falling into the suffering pit.

In the name of love,i could say that the simple name of love is a complex definition,blended with mental states basically ingrained in our hearts that they lead us to believe them to be a part of or an expression of love.

to summarize ,love gives beneficial in many form,it guards against lonliness n brings warmth and companionship to life.but it is not unalloyed good:it is still bound up in the cycle of birh and death,inherently incomplete,do keep in mind our human body is composed of elements borrowed from nature,and we may have to relinquish it any,all those pointless arguments and huffs and sulks are a sad waste if time for people like us where the time bound to lead together in this world is limited,we don;t have luxury of heavenly beings.

we human beings have no time to live in a mundane and alluring world,so forgive and forget the bygone miserable days.


  1. Wow Wangzom, you're amazing! I didn't know you had such a vast knowledge about love. And the way you brought the matter up in this post, was amazing! Write more and let us be enlightened!


    Ms Happiness :)

  2. thanks a ton Ms Happiness for sparing time and stopping by ..

    1. My pleasure dear :) Hope you are blessed with good health and enjoy your college life! ^^ Have a wonderful weekend!:)


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