Sunday, 19 October 2014

emadatshi thots of wangzom

Goodbye to you..
I feel the time is getting close for us to depart.
I'll show that I'll miss you,With last words from my heart.

We must be dreaming,For it has gone too fast.
The time we have spent together,Will soon be in our past.

I'll forget this day is coming,Today I stand here.
Trying to tell you,How much I really care.

one thing is sure,We will be leading our in our own ways and in separate ways
Just hold on to our memories ,Say Never Say Goodbye!!!

Wonders of my thoughts
Sitting outside the verandah of Rinchen khanza(RK), looking across the the land of cst
Wondering why life, at times, can seem great.But in times, it took me to just think
My life could change, faster than a blink.

Is this a reason behind for why should we always appreciate?
Not knowing when loved ones may unexpectedly die.
Living every day like as if it is very last.
for my days could be very long or go by very fast

So I'll treasure and take nothing for granted,
never utter a words that shouldn't be chanted.
If today is the last day I have on this earth,
I accept my life, for what it's been worth.

Tomorrow isn't promised to be here like the way I am staying in this moment
Today perhaps be the last day to pray for.
I won’t wait for tomorrow, will do it all today
If tomorrow never comes, I’ll never regret a day.

If I had one last wish

If I had one last wish to make it would have to be, 
that God would heal my root teacher and give his pain to me.
For I've never seen my root teacher hurt so bad in all my life, 
I'd do anything and everything to take thy pain and strife.
without thy presence here in this life,I'm not sure where I'd be.

thy taught me about the
Real world and what life really was.

so God if you can grant this wish for me I'll eternally be grateful to you.

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  1. Nicely reflected the meaning of life and your true feeling to root teacher.


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