Monday, 7 March 2016

Don’t get lost hiding from the truth

My long term dream has gone.   I have always wanted one thing in this life, So, I will go on, I will find a way to be happy, it just won't be tomorrow.  Since I am a survivor, I always see the light at the end of the tunnel, it will be there for me in the future.  I still have hope for that dream to knot me once again.

Nontheless,Life has been very tough and emotional for three months ... for I knew I could not proceed the way I used to and I had to make some serious changes in my life.i had to act weird and stranger to myself, didn’t know where I land and what kinda ridiculous stuffs I have been doing?
I didn’t intend to be a person of what I didn’t expected me to be.sometimes,I feared those changes because I suspected where i would land up, or rather take me away from.

It is one of the hectic situations I have been,I had experienced made me to come to this conclusion of ignorance, the change in me to ignore the one who lie a lot and fool me when I am still yearning for the truth.
Appearance has been deceptive. People lie a lot and hide from the truth, not all but some of them. They seemed to be innocent but not internally, seemed to be sincere and faithful but not their heart, seemed to be serious but not their inner image, have polite tone but not their words.
They lie a lot, yet happy  engulf with life full of lies, nevertheless I  was just wondering till when, would they reach to realization point to tell the truth, because I know the truth behind everything,yet I listen to my intuition to let them tell the truth but they don’t.So,it didn’t work,this is the point where I was drag to  ignore and neglect the one who lie more than expected, i didn’t felt being myself to listen every bit of their beautiful lie.

I think I have taken the right decision that I do not have to deal with such innocent and regretful people... it was easier that way, where I didn't have to feel that pain too yearning for the truth to be reveal.... this whole week till today,I have a feeling that I made a right decision for how I wanted to stop it, how I should bring changes in myself. This is the point where ignorance came into picture, something I could pour myself into so that I wouldn't have to deal with them in life time.
My tenacity has taken over,I guess I would never allow myself to fall back into the darkness despite it was a much easier place to handle emotionally.

I am truly grateful that I have come across such people in this life, for letting  me practice how to mask all the awful feelings I had inside... maybe if I had dealt with them awhile ago... I wouldn't be just now coming to the conclusions I have come to this week.  All the choices I have made, all the time I have wasted. But hope the choice I have chosen may not be surreal this time.
It just hurts knowing the lie and expecting the truth being confessed

with every bit of lie being heard,I try every day to be happy regardless.  I have been through hell and back.  I know other people have had difficult lives, I understand those people.

Anyhow, I am sorry for the post, I just needed to say how I felt because I was feeling like people do not bother to tell the truth... we all have that right to tell the truth at times yet they opt for lying.  Sad things happen to us, we just need to not let it take us over for lie despite the hurt that propel heart to undergo inconvenient situation..

“Tell the truth, please,i know every words which is engulf with lie yet stayed innocent and numb to know truth being revealed,don’t fool yourself by lying,u may seem me innocent but remember I am very sensitive for knowing your overwhelming falsehood”

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  1. Dear Wangzom,

    You have made the right decision. Love yourself and whatever things that suck your happiness out,let them go. You can focus more on other things that can bring peace of mind to yourself and happiness for other sentient being :)

    Please take care dear! Time will heal and instead of expecting others to change, why not change your own mindset and follow what your heart saying? You'll be great! :)


    Ms Happiness :)


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