Sunday, 20 November 2016

Saturday at Nissi Beach

It was early in the Morning, started the journey from the Marathonos street,As we walked, cool breeze comforted our soul and brought peace in our heart.Sun rays behind the mountain ,kissed energetic faces.It was really a good day to visit the beach.

The day was like free to roam wherever our heart took us,completely erased the busy schedule,we were there ,seeing was believing, we are there in the Nissi Beach,Iny napa,Nicosia.we didnt put on bikini,we were just loitering there with our enticing heart.
The beach was already packed with people.
we walked straight to the lumpy sand.
I was Lost in my own world,the salty scent of the ocean blew upon the shore and rushed upon my bare foot.The beach was really an admirable and mesmerizing place which brought peace to heart with the sounds of the water splashing on the rocks by strong wave energy which was extremely soothing and kept us at ease.

With strong breeze made leaves to clashed against each other.The sand underneath foot was bit gritty,hard and rough to walk on which brought a feeling of stepping on to a Lego for every step.

The wind made my hair fly around like a horse running at its fastest pace.
we sat down on a rock near the shore,felt the breeze going down our back when a small,cold wave tickled the back.

we enjoyed the wonderful smell of ocean which was so strong,felt like eating fried dry fish.Moreover,experienced the sunset which was beautiful aside from fact that the color of the sky was already satisfying,the sky was like a famous artist's painting.

The day was well spent without further regrets,naturally glamoured.a moment to be cherished forever and to be saved securely in our small journey of life.

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