Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Page of Life i m in

You cant force me what i should do in my life.i have my way of life i should be into.i hate forced interaction or forced conversation and forced wiĺlingness,i hate forced things because i simply dont force anyone.If you dont like my way of life or what i am doing..thats alright, m living my life for myself and not yours.i dont have time to lead my life your way to please you.
CRAZY??May be..

Life isnt easy.
The life is really sophisticated and perplex to understand what kinda events i have been and i will be holding on cux at the end of the day, what i want to do or what i need to do , eventually i will  land up where i need to be doing what i should be doing.Patience talks here.And yeah, i know  that i will be fine and  eventually,things will work themselves out.i am pretty much sure that what's  meant for me will always be for me.But i just need patience or a minute or two to pull it to make myself bit stronger.
There is neither late nor sooner,no mater where one land solely depends on pages one hold on with or chapters of life.
It is really crazy and unfathomable.
LlAs i have been experienced with,i was always on the different page when my friends completed the book,different chapter when my friends started another page of new books.
And they told me nothing last forever no matter who attends what or which page of book they may be,but there is nothing in my heart and that i know nothing about it.
It is really ironic.
There is  something in life where no one has an authority  to flip the page of anyone's book of life.
This is the funniest post i have been jotting down today but its is not fake.i  dont do fakeness.


  1. Hi dear! I know how you feel when writing this and I know what you've been going through. Just keep your mind positive and everything will take place as what it supposes to be. I'm glad you've overcome another stage of life and keep moving on. Life is unpredictable and we never know what lies ahead. But when it comes, just live your life fully and at the present moment. Hope you are doing great there and take care! Love always!!! :)

    1. Dear Miss happiness,Thank you so much for the positive response always and stopping by.YOu have been always an optimistic woman i have you more and take care..