Wednesday, 28 December 2016

with every Disappointment There's Always A Hidden Blessing

There was a time i found this quotes-"In every disappointment there is always a hidden blessing" very annoying.Another which says,"everything happens for good reason",and another quotes,"behind every clouds,has a silver lining"

At times,i was in a real disappointment,where nothing worked up to the expectation and endeavor went into vain,no better output and nothing worked well as per the resolution of the year.

Everyone attempted to make me feel better using this aforementioned quotes instead made me feel worst.
I questioned myself,How can disappointment could be a blessing?Use your head,people use this quotes out of their points to console other.and it doesn't really feel good to the point of listeners ear.

when i reminisce about failing year in college of science and technology,when everyone turn back,my hopes and determination left me foolishly,overcome so much and finally graduated with hard type of project presentation ,nearly fail the year too.Fortunately,attended the degree with 50 marks in highly credited module.

with harsh situations i have been into,with different chapters of life,Now,i do not know what i should call it,whether it is a fortune or my fate or destiny,i am here in Eastern part of Europe with

thought crossing my mind ,what would have happened if i opted for the honors either in Physics or Maths during Bhutan's Higher Secondary Scholarship board? what would have happened if i hadn't failed?though it was really hard to stay in the different page of the life when our friends do start with new chapter of life,i feel i would have land up in the same place,lived a regular life.

Having experienced the life of the failure in life,not only did it give lots of lesson,it also adds meaning to the life about so called "TIMEZONE".

From the life history of Malala Yousafzai,15 year Paskistani girl who got shot by bullet on her head because of her believe,girls deserved to be educated.She spoke up her beliefs and she almost lost her life for it.Malala's Shootong brought international recognition and beacause of her brave and confidence,many pakistani girls were provided good chance to be,what if malala hadnot shot??she would be still struggling in pakistan and there would be no hope of improved education for the pakistani girls

At this point,relating my own experiences and the story of the Malala,the afforementioned quotes hold a world truth,Every disappointment is truly a blessing but this doesn't necessarily mean it would be a blessing to the disappointing moment to that particular,behind every cloud,there is a silver lining. Because we are on this earth with purpose of the life we hold on to.

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