Saturday, 7 January 2017

Indeed Great knowledge

1. Believing that life is meaningless doing impossible things.

2.Saving only to discover that we have no more energy to enjoy life and ending up dying of boredom after few years.

3.Working hard to be financially successful rather than  seeking inner peace.

4.Making fun of those who are on seeking happiness instead of materialistic calling them "beggers"

5.Ridiculing everybody who tries to be different

6.believing  everything that is black on white

7.Asking indirect questions even though other person know what you are trying to dig out.

8.bearing a smile on your face when you really want to cry out loud

9.following fashion eventhough it all looks ridiculous and uncomfortable.

10.Being naive that all the famous people have truck loaded wealth

11.investing a lot in external beauty and paying less attention to inner beauty

12 eating three times meal in a day though you are  not hungry

13.believing that the others are always better at everything ,beyond our own limits ,its better to stay calm and silent

14.whats there to laugh out in the crowd,no matter how funny the story is.

15.Using highly paid cellphone as a way to feel well-off and in the control the wealth of the world

16.Unbelievable,impossible to be sure of everything you have won

17.always have reasons to point out to someone for everything bad that happens

18.It turn out to be so hard to say out "i  love you " when you really mean it.

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