Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Yes or NO

you were hungry, and some1 gave u something to eat; you were thirsty, and some1 gave u drinks,u would judge dat kinda person very sympathetic and compassionate,

you saw a guy with cocky character,you would judge him as a womanizer,who knws he might be the most faithful man on this earth,
u saw a guy and a gal crossing street,u found them holding hands and walking along the streets,u wud judge them they were lovers, remember,never wud it be only a lover who wud hold hands and walk along the streets,they might be siblings,
some1 speaks harsh,u wud be wrong to be judge dat person is a sentimental killer,u neva knw s/he might be the one carrying most beautiful heart.
a monk/nun,religious man/women or

high spirit practitioners having meat and preferring being non-veg,having drinks,never judge them for being wrong devotee,we never know,they might have attained enlightenment within and acts and lead a life of ordinary being.
just because someone has a talent to talk alot about sthg,never judge them they have high qualification,u might have heard that empty vessels makes more sound.
u never knw the one whom u haf trusted the most wud be ur rival at the end of the day,
the one whom u have been friends fr years and years wud detest and hurt u the most.

JUST Remeber:

never judge,stop being jugmental.

To be overly judgmental can be a sign that one needs to let go off the conflict that has built up within.

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