Thursday, 29 December 2016

So called love

I asked her,how do you manage your relation?
don't you feel irri when he nags you to the hell??

she said,never,i just want to feel happiness in my heart,because i dont want to hurt my feelings longing for something i really don't posses

what is really called love,where everyone craves for it from other person like a small baby craving for mother's milk ,like an addicted smoker craving for cigarettes and a drunkard man craving for wine.
love is really tough to describe,poet writes about it,musicians sing about it ,philosophers discuss about it and every human beings crave for it no matter the age ,everyone craves for it,to quote,"all the world loves lover",whether you were a perfect marriage couple or the spiritual leader like dalai lama,love is a gift one can offer to the world.But when i say that human beings crave for love,it would be bad idea to force someone else to love you ,or to expect for someone else to wait for you or waiting and sitting around for someone else to be ready for you

so one puts one's own effort to move on with one's own pace,it would be the better place to move ahead swiftly and this could something called love.

For me,i don't believe whether true love really exist or not.
may be i m bit different from the one who hold love in their life or may be i haven't found yet...bla,..bla..actually love should be ,it depend on our own intuition.

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